Yarn dyeing technology

The production capacity of the yarn dyeing sector is more than 9,000 tons of dyed yarn per year.

Yarn dyeing is performed by the dyeing machines of THIES (Germany). The yarn dyeing technology process is the following: the gray yarn prepared for dyeing is wound on a mesh-hollow spool the structure and shape of which ensures a uniform access of active dyes to the entire yarn mass from the center to the edges of the spool and backwards, completely eliminating the risk of undyed spots. The yarn wound on a mesh-hollow spool is placed on a special platform consisting of mesh rods and subsequently lowered into dyeing boilers. Then the dye pumped from the dyeing pit into the spool passes through the skeins and this is when the expansion process takes place. As a result of this, the flow direction changes. The process is repeated until the required color shade is obtained. This technology provides a deep and uniform dyeing of yarn from the center to the edges of the spool and backwards. For yarn dyeing, high-quality and active dyes made by RIFA (South Korea) are used, resistant to various factors (dye strength, perspiration resistance, friction, washing, ironing, etc.), as well as, chemicals made by Rudolf Duraner (Germany).

For yarn rewinding from the mesh-hollow spool to the cardboard cones, the most modern equipment of SSM (Switzerland) is used, where all the dyed yarn for improving its technological properties is passed through paraffin.

The color formula is developed by laboratory equipment made by DATACOLOR AvtoLab (USA). Preparation and delivery of dyes to boilers, temperature and time modes are fully automated and controlled by the central server. Individual control technology guarantees the highest yarn dyeing, as well as preservation of all data on color formula, which guarantees the compatibility of colors from order to order.

Nowadays, UZTEXGROUP USA  enterprise offers high quality carded and combed cotton yarn made by ring spinning method, both knitted and weaving, in the range of 34 to 64 by international metric count.

We are ready to offer complex solutions for your tasks, as well as to ensure uninterrupted provision of high-quality yarn for your weaving, knitting or hosiery manufacturing.

The high quality of UZTEXGROUP USA  yarn is confirmed by USTERIZED, the international certificates, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, environmental certificates, and ISO.

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