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Our production capacity is 12 million tons of knitted fabric. We are ready to execute large orders in the shortest time and maintain a high level of product quality, which meets the customer’s highest demands.

Quality control

Quality control of our products is carried out at all stages of the production process. The last quality control of the product is performed prior to putting into individual packaging.

Main types of manufactured products

Children’s knitwear:  for newborns (rompers, burp clothes, bonnets, bodysuits, overalls, undershirts) made on the basis of rib knit fabric (ribbon), interlock, filling knit, kadefe with different types of finishing: collars, with a flap, snap buttons, with buttoned half-collar, printed and smoothly dyed; children’s products of younger and older age groups for girls and boys (T-shirts with short and long sleeves, shorts, trousers, dresses, skirts, undershirts, overalls, sweatshirts, polos, turtlenecks) made on the basis of filling knit with composition of 100% cotton and lycra 95%, cotton 5% el., 92% cotton 8% el., 3-thread French terry with and without fleece, with polyester and 100% cotton, pique, ribbons, kadefe, interlock printed and smooth-dyed, striped fabric of dyed yarn.

  • Men’s T-shirts with short sleeves, with long sleeves, Polo, turtlenecks;
  • Men’s tracksuits, trousers, shorts, pajamas;
  • Women’s T-shirts with short and long sleeves;
  • Women’s dresses with a collar and short sleeves;
  • Women’s turtlenecks with short and long sleeves;
  • Women’s sleeveless shirts and breeches, sleeveless shirts and shorts, skirts, trousers with applique;
  • Women’s tracksuits, zipped jackets.
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