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UZTEXTILE GROUP is the world leader in cotton textile industry. High end cotton textile products are made in Uzbekistan. Our products are affordable, genuineand eco-friendly.

Today UZTEXTILE GROUP USA have 3 successfully operating factories with more than 10,000 employee. Over 7 years, the company was building, launching and developing the enterprises, which are now formed into one production group.

UZTEXTILE GROUP USA can be one of the best production partners for your brand, for the retail stores and online stores. We have the best production quality and fast delivery for our customers. Our company is certified for the quality of product and environmentally friendly.

Our showrooms are located in Los Angeles California.

Our production

Apparel: T-shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies, sportswear, kids clothing, socks, blankets, bed sheets, bath robes, Cotton Yarn, Fabric, Pillow cases, Towels

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