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Many countries have their own strategic resources given by nature and thanks to which they may not only develop their economies, but also conquer the world markets. For example, the resources of Russia, the UAE, Qatar, and Norway are oil and gas, the energy resources, which are considered as one of the cornerstones of the world economy.

UZTEX, a group of companies, works in order to develop a similar strategic resource of Uzbekistan – the textiles industry.

In the world market the textiles have the same significance and play the same role as oil. The reason is that the textiles are used for products manufacturing, either of first necessity (clothing and footwear), or second (home textiles), or third (fashion accessories). Due to this, the textiles, along with oil and gas, have the widest application in the world production of consumer goods.

Uzbekistan’s own natural resources providing eco-friendly and 100% natural raw materials, as well as the huge production created by all world standards, make Uzbek textile a strategic resource capable of influencing the world markets.

The UZTEX Group pays much attention to the formation of a single information policy.

The basis for our products we take from the nature which is considered the cleanest eco-raw material. During the production process, we try to keep in our products as much natural originality as possible. And we are succeeding in it. And we will make all our efforts to keep on moving the same way for many years.

At the same time, we understand that even though the natural product in the world is becoming more and more expensive, we, from our side, are making efforts to ensure that our eco-product is accessible to the widest layers of the population. Nature was created for all of us. This is what we will never forget.

Therefore, the combination of “Eco-friendly and cost-efficient” has always been and will forever remain as our core idea.


To provide employees with timely and qualified medical assistance, a system of medical centers has been established and is functioning in UZTEX Company. Modern medical centers are organized at all enterprises of the UZTEX Group.

In these medical centers, highly skilled specialists of a narrow profile receive patients: physicians, surgeons, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, endoscopists, ultrasound specialists and laboratory doctors. Each medical center is equipped with modern medical equipment imported from Germany: a complex of dental equipment, laboratory equipment, endoscopic sets, ultrasound devices, ophthalmologic sets, ENT instruments and sterilization equipment.

All medical centers have 24-hour emergency medical posts for the first medical assistance. All centers are provided with the required amount of medicines and medical products (120 species).

In addition, all medical centers have a day patient facility designed for four persons, where employees of the company can receive the necessary course of treatment.

The entire complex of medical examination and treatment is carried out at the expense of the company’s funds. Regularly, such events as Health weeks aimed at protecting the health of women of childbearing age are conducted – in this week they visit all medical specialists for routine examination. Also, a periodic preventive medical examination is carried out annually, according to the order of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan No. 200.

Besides, all UZTEX employees are provided with four-time hot meals (there is a canteen for 450 seats). Twice a year special clothing and, if necessary, means of individual protection are provided. Modern locker rooms and showers function uninterruptedly. Measures for the disinfestations and deracination of the working space are carried out in a timely manner.

We can proudly say that thanks to the daily preventive work of the health and safety services, as well as the management of the enterprise, over the period of UZTEX company’s existence, there was not a single industrial injury.

All these careful measures are taken by the management of UZTEX so that the employees of the enterprise can safely perform their work without fear for their life and health. Productive work requires peace of mind and physical comfort – and UZTEX believes that these factors are first of all of the enterprise’s responsibility. It is impossible to demand overfulfilled plan and perfect quality of products from a sick and frustrated person – and all the efforts the company makes to protect the personnel’s labor and health directly affect the result of their work.

Thus, by purchasing the UZTEX product, one can always be sure that it is made by peaceful and happy people – after all, only these people have enough time and energy to think about the happiness and calm of those who will consume the products of their hard work.

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