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The process of fabrics dyeing, same as the yarn dyeing, is fully automated. The dye composition is determined by DATACOLOR AvtoLab, the American equipment. Then the formula is transferred to the dye preparation area, to a large mixer Color service made by the Italian company. After that, through the transit system, it is transferred to DILMENLER, the dyeing  installations, which has10 models, designed for the fabrics in the range of 25 to 1200 kg. Before the fabric is placed in dyeing installations, it is completely turned out and straightened on  BENEX installations. One of the factors determining the high quality of the fabric is application of shrink technology, which allows controlling the linear density and width of the fabric. We perform dyeing according to the samples of our color map, or according to the colors of the leading foreign manufacturers by the samples of the customer. We are trying to respond as quickly as possible to new trends in the fashion world. And we are constantly upgrading the technological park, which allows us to produce fabrics using modern methods of material processing. The variety of UZTEX fabrics was enlarged due to the introduction of the technology of additional processing of the fabric by the method of mastication and gassing. We can offer fabrics with water-repellent properties, antibacterial impregnations, and fashionable fragrances, fabrics with soft and silky texture, knitwear with silk properties or with a glossy surface Knitted fabrics with special textile treatments expand the boundaries of the traditional sense of comfort and functionality of clothing.
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