Technology for good! Carbon dioxide is a by-product of textile production which is a well-known fact. But what is the relation between industrial carbon dioxide and shock freezing of berries and fruits, firefighting and carbonation of beverages?   Cotton or, “white gold” as it is proudly named among people, is one of the main national treasures of Uzbekistan. Thanks to hard-working nature of our people, as well as the application of the newest agrotechnical equipment, Uzbekistan has taken the advanced position in the cultivation of cotton and the production of high-quality fabrics of natural origin. Collection and processing of cotton fiber in combination with the latest achievements in the textile industry were united by the largest brand of vertically integrated production of textile products, the name of which is UZTEX Group. UZTEX Group is the largest producer of fabrics, yarn and ready-made garments in the CIS. Each factory has a stock of textile machines, such as fabric and filament dyeing machines, yarns, RAM, winding machines, etc. The operation of all equipment requires the use of steam, which is produced in the boiler room with the help of steam boilers with methane gas combustion. In the process, carbon monoxide is released, which could have been released into the atmosphere, polluting the environment. But the company is famous not only for a wide range of textile products, but also for its main strategy, the most important aspect of which is the environment safety.

Edible CO2

In 2012, a project to minimize environmental damage was developed, the main point of which was processing of industrial carbon dioxide in the edible. And in 2014, based on “ECO CO2” enterprise, high-technology production of liquid edible carbon dioxide CO2 was launched, after which an agreement with UZTEX Group was concluded. UNION ENGINEERING is the world leader in technologies for CO2 production which provides with an opportunity to obtain reliable innovative solutions in this field. The young company has already earned a solid reputation in Central Asia. The quality of the products is at the highest level, wheras the latest developments help to produce CO2 gas with a purity of at least 99.99%. Besides, the company development does not stand still, and in May 2016, it obtained FSSC22000 (food safety) certificates and ISO9001: 2008 (quality management certificate), thanks to which the company was able to reach the international level. The main goal is to preserve the environment through the implementation of a special NOx FLASH technology patented by UNION ENGINEERING (Denmark). The uniqueness of the technology is the use of a column that performs the purification function without using potassium permanganate. UNION ENGINEERING is the world leader in technologies for CO2 production which provides with an opportunity to obtain reliable innovative solutions in this field. In addition, all high-technology equipment – bulk storage systems for gaseous and cryogenic products, compressor, pump, vacuum equipment and tanks for storage and subsequent transportation of gases by road vehicle are also provided by UNION ENGINEERING. In the modern world, the necessity for edible CO2 production has grown dramatically, and it’s not just about numerous carbonated drinks which contain this gas, but also about the pharmaceutical industry where liquefied edible gas is used to produce various drugs.

Dry ice

However, “ECO CO2” does not plan to stop here and is already busy with development of a strategy for edible carbon dioxide processing into dry ice, which can also be presented as a trading product and delivered to customers. The main feature of such ice is that in process of melting, particularly, during evaporation, it leaves absolutely no residue. Such ice, unlike the standard one, is very convenient in storage and transportation and is perfect for cooling and transporting large volumes of food products. Besides, the project has several more innovative developments, since “ECO CO2” does not plan to stop here and constantly improving and developing new solutions to global problems.


It is well-known that progress does not stand still. In step with the times, “ECO CO2” also plans to conclude a contract with the companies concerned in air transportation of food products, and, among other things, develops technologies for both, the food industry – bakery, dry food storage, and the convenience of production operations – marking of cattle and horses. It also plans to develop projects in such directions as deceleration of chemical reactions, deratization, and preservation of flowers, fish crop and hunting reserve, different types of dismantling, fire-fighting. It is interesting to know that there is also demand for CO2 in show business: the company is developing the project on creation of various special effects with the help of carbon dioxide. Nature is the source from which all living creatures on earth derive their life energy. There is nothing more important than preserving the original nature, following the principle of “Do no harm”. And “ECO CO2” is always standing on guard for ecological balance.
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