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UZTEXTILE GROUP USA is a leading company with more than 10,000 employees. Our showroom for licensees, brand partners, wholesalers and retailers is located in Los Angeles California.

Affordable cost, genuineness and product eco-friendliness is the main motto of the company. We offer private labeling made in Uzbekistan. We have the expertise and modern technology to accommodate your contract needs, allowing you to focus on market research, development, and retail sales.  We work as manufacturing partners for your brand and create the highest quality products for your consumer’s satisfaction. We specialize in producing cotton and blended fabrics, yarn, Men’s and Women’s sportswear, hoodies, T-shirts, Polo shirts, bed sheets, bath robes, kids clothing, hosiery, towels and more.

Our capabilities are 15, 000 000 pc per quarter including prototyping, patterns and sample making, hemming, stitching, and full-package design, and product development. We offer sewing process including single and double needle lock-stitching, multi-needling sewing, overlocking and surging, zig-zagging, cover-stitching, bar-tacking, and blind-stitching.

Rotary printing, screening and pad printing, heat transfer, dye sublimation, sublimation printing allow you to perform full-color printing on a special poly-cotton.


We manufacture high-quality gray yarn of the following types: carded, combed, twisted, compact-combed, cotton OE (Ne 8 – Ne 24), blended PC (Polyester / Cotton), VC (Viscose / Cotton), PV (Polyester / Viscose), PVC (Polyester / Viscose / Cotton), Blended and Non-Blended Mélange Yarn, Ne 16-Ne 40.   The yarn is manufactured by ring spinning method, for both knitted and weaving, with the counts from Ne 20/1 to Ne 40/1 (from Nm 34/1 to Nm 68/1), and can be dyed in any color at the clients’ request. The production capacity is 50,000 tons of gray yarn per year and 9,500 tons of dyed yarn per year.


Hosiery division production capacity is 140, 000 000 pair a year. Types of hosiery products: Men’s socks (classical, summer, winter, patterned); Women’s socks (knee length socks, mid calf, ankle length, no-show liner socks); Children’s socks; Sport (knee length socks, standard, ankle length, jogging socks).Tights for adults, teenagers, and children mainly produced from nylon thread and elastane. A variety of raw materials are used for hosiery manufacturing: cotton yarn, wool yarn, semi-wool yarn, artificial, synthetic filaments and their various combinations.


The production capacity of fabrics is17,000 tons of Gray fabric per year, 9,200 tons of Dyed fabric per year. The fabric is made from high-quality yarn.

Types of manufactured fabrics: filling knit, interlock, ribbing 1*1-2*2, velour, French terry two-threaded and French terry three-threaded; Yarn No. 20/1, 24/1, 30/1, 40/1, the types of yarn are combed, compact combed  and carded, 100% cotton, also cotton blended with 5.8% elastane and 20% polyester, production depends on the density desired by the customer. Our manufacture offers fabrics made in roll and in sleeve (bundle). We offer a wide range of knitted fabrics for wholesale, as well as for individual orders. Our cotton and blended fabrics, which is always available in the company’s stock, include more than 19O styles (carded and combed), filling knit – supreme (carded and combed), Lactose – pique (carded and combed), interlock (carded and combed), French terry with and without fleece, velour, selenic, spandex, etc.


Our technological process consists of rewinding, warping, smoothing, threading, damping or batching, yarn steaming and weaving.

100% cotton yarn is used for the production. Types of manufactured products: 14, 000 000 pc. oftowels (smoothly dyed, multi-color, with jacquard pattern, waffle); terry robes; sets for hotels (towels of various sizes, bathrobes, terry slippers, blankets, terry sheets); sets for children (towels, bathrobes, pajamas, ponchos, newborn wraps). All products can be both Terries, and combined with sheared pile (velour) on one side.

Printing” heading

Depending on your design requirement and fabric needs, we have all possible printing services you may need.

We offer all types of printing techniques: such as metallic effect, embossed prints, glow effect, which are either hard to source or expensive to get done. We have all the equipment needed to achieve special print effects which helps in cutting the cost.

Our Fabric Production

We can help you source the right fabric for your needs.

We understand that finding the right fabric is not just about the price, it’s about what yarn to use to get the right stretch, “hand”, durability, and vividness of prints. We understand that the perfect fabric for a clothing line isn’t necessarily the right fabric for a curtain. We understand why fabrics with the same content may react different to the same printing or finishing technique.

We can also help you determine the right kind of fabric for the prints, special finish and silhouette you are trying to achieve. Our cutting and sewing experience will help you finalize the perfect brand.

Get a fabric perfect for your vision or needs.


We have the expertise that can help you bring your idea to life. If you already have an artwork, we can help to convert it to a format compatible to our system. We also have in-house artists that can help you to develop your design.

Cutting, Sewing, Labeling and Packaging

We can handle a large scale of production. We can also help you with private labeling, printing and packaging.

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