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We carry out the whole complex of technological operations of weaving, ensuring the production of fabrics. The complex consists of rewinding, warping, smoothing, threading, damping or batching, yarn steaming and weaving.

100% cotton yarn is used for the production of weaving products. Types of manufactured products: 14, 000 000 pc. towels (smoothly dyed, multi-color, with jacquard pattern, waffle); terry robe; sets for hotels (towels of various sizes, bathrobes, terry slippers, blankets, terry sheets); Sets for children (towels, robes, pajamas, ponchos, newborn wraps). All products can be both terries, and with sheared pile (velour) on one side.

The main production stages are: warping – yarn winding from standard 2 kg bobbins to a large drum (warp beam) with a width of up to 3.6 meters; smoothing – yarn treatment with special composition (natural wax and starch), in order to reduce the breakage during the weaving process; weaving – by means of a different weave (square, weft, stitch), the yarn from the warp beam turns into terry fabric; dyeing and finishing – terry fabric is loaded into the dyeing machine and goes through the next production stages – desizing, dyeing, absorption and softness processing; then it is followed by the alignment of the fabric in size andin density in the tentering line; sewing – colored terry fabric is cut and edged, turning into a finished product.

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